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This is your online portal to world-class dive training, exploration project diving and Human Factors training. We are a team of like-minded divers who all share a common passion for exploration and adventure. Read on to learn how to join us!

Learning Opportunities

Thermocline Diving provides GUE course training on-line to supplement GUE classes. You will also find access to our Human Factors and Non-Technical skills training. Using a modern eLearning platform, Thermocline Diving is intended to complement face to face training and also provide an easy to use resource for subsequent training review.

Thermocline Diving also offers a unique Underwater Archaeology and project diving course. Our goal is to identify and assemble the various skills and knowledge needed to “explore” in a modern learning format that uses a combination of eLearning, foundational skills training and actual project diving to train a diver in how to conduct their own exploration projects.


GUE course preparation and consolidation

GUE diving training courses can be intense and busy. We provide walk throughs of all the GUE courses we offer so that you will be able to come fully prepared for your GUE class having already been presented with the materials. Our class time will then be more useful because we will be able to focus on hands-on training and diving. You can also review the course materials and lectures post-class.

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Underwater Archaeology and Project Diving

Thermocline Diving has partnered with the Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia to offer an avocational underwater archaeology program designed to introduce the diver to citizen science. Thermocline Diving then offers scheduled follow-on opportunities for ongoing participation in UW archaeology projects around Vancouver Island where you can use your newly learned skills.

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Human Factors and Non Technical Skills training

Most diver training programs focus on the "technical skills" component of diving. However, most diving accidents are more directly related to poor decision-making, a lack of situational awareness, or a breakdown in communications. I am one of only a few instructors certified to deliver "The Human Diver" training program developed by Gareth Lock. This program focusses on "non-technical skills".

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