Leading EDGE Performance Workshop V 5.0 2025

Friday, March 14 - Saturday, March 15, 2025
Maple Bay, BC, Canada

The Leading EDGE performance workshop is an opportunity for GUE divers to polish their skills and refresh their memory under the supervision of skilled GUE instructors. The Leading EDGE performance workshop caters to GUE divers of all levels of recreation and technical diving, including CCR.


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Refreshers from GUE Instructors from around the world

Revisit your original training and skills under the eyes of an instructor you have not worked with before

Evening presentations by world class explorers and educators

Enjoy engaging topics by four of the most interesting speakers in the diving world

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A time to learn, and a time to socialize

Visit old friends, and make new ones. Enjoy the community aspect of GUE on a Global scale. Rub shoulders with fellow GUE divers from around the world. Talk to cave instructors from Mexico, technical diving instructors from  the South Pacific, and everything in between. Enjoy two catered dinners only a stone's throw from where we will be diving.


Photos from Leading EDGE 4.0, 2024

Normalization of deviance is normal: 

Normalization of deviance and drift are normal things that happen to us regardless of our experience or training levels. If it was a good idea to take your original training, isn't it also a good idea to revisit them and refresh those originally trained skills?


It's normal to drift..

The question is, what do you want to do about it?

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