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Tom Crisp and the Cold Caves of Canada

TomĀ started cave diving in 2010 and has since worked closely with local communities to locate and explore caves all over the world.Ā TomĀ has been involved with severable notable projects including Project Middle Earth to Blue Creek Resurgence (with the GUE NZ community), working with the Wet Mules at the Pearce Resurgence, and if you've heard of it in the news lately - Castleguard Cave in Banff, AB which was recently globally recognized as a Key Biodiversity Area. He lives in Canada and works with the Alberta Speleological Society exploring caves of the Rocky Mountains and sharing his exploration stories.Ā 

There were two videos in this presentation that did not play but are very interesting. Here are the links to theĀ videos:


Ghost Diving USA: Jim Babor on "Nothing but Nets"

We had Jim Babor join us to share the incredible work Ghost Diving USA is doing to combat the damage being done by abandoned fishing gear worldwide. Ghost Diving USA isĀ a registered charity,Ā working with volunteer scientists, technical divers and community members to locate, survey, and - when safe to do so - remove these abandoned fishing nets.


Midwest Underwater Explorers host Guy Shockey and Thermocline Diving with "Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest"

140 people joined us when we talked about wreck dives in the PNW including Puget Sound and Vancouver Island. The presentation included some of the newer projects GUE BC has been working on.


The Human Diver: Human Factors in Technical Diving

The Human Diver organized a virtual Human Factors and Non Technical Skills conference and Guy Shockey and Thermocline Diving presented on "Including Human Factors in Technical Diving Programs".


Technical Diving Wetnotes

Roger Lacasse has kindly made these wetnotes pages available for all divers. You'll find technical diving formulas, minimum gas, tank factors, and a variety of other useful references for your wetnotes (metric and imperial).

Download Wetnotes