Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Diving

There exists few, if any, opportunities for divers to safely learn how to explore. For every single person that climbs Mount Everest, thousands climb smaller peaks. Much current dive training focuses on a passive perspective of marine life and wreck observation, but those who are seriously motivated to explore and search for shipwrecks have few choices to undertake training, and once trained, limited or no opportunity to explore.

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Welcome to our Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Program!

There are multiple international diving projects which operate at the pinnacle of excellence and use specialized research techniques, but access is limited to those with the credentials, experience, and social contacts to participate.  Learning to dive is the necessary first step, but after that, there is no ready-made pathway or curriculum that allows basic diving skills to be enhanced to fulfill our desires for exploration.

Due to the nature of the environment, significant underwater exploration usually requires a well-organized program that includes risk management and complex logistics. Unfortunately, because there is no recognized program that teaches anyone how to be a “diver-explorer”, everyone tends to make the same mistakes in their “learning by doing”. The goal of Thermocline Diving is to identify and assemble the various skills and knowledge needed to “explore” in a modern learning format that uses a combination of eLearning, foundational skills training and actual project diving to train a diver in how to conduct their own exploration projects.


Why Underwater Archaeology?
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"This course is likely to inspire a future generation of divers of varied experience levels to apply their skills in a meaningful way that they may not have expected would be possible - in short, it will give divers who may not know how to pursue their passion both a how and a why"

Sabrina Figliomeni,

recent student