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Thermocline Diving is your portal to dive instruction e-Learning . Here you will find opportunities to learn GUE specific diving training and Human Factors Training. This is also your pathway to Underwater Archaeology and exploration learning

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GUE course preparation and consolidation

GUE diving training courses can be intense and busy. We provide walk throughs of all the GUE courses we offer. You will be able to come fully prepared for your GUE class having already been presented with the materials. This will make our time more useful because we will be able to focus on hands on training and diving. 


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Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Diving

The program consists of nearly two full days of eLearning that includes an eight-module program developed by the Underwater Archeology Society of British Columbia. The eLearning component also includes such topics as how to do a proper risk assessment, general dive planning, gas planning and boat logistical planning.  and then six days of face-to-face training. The in-person training includes field drills and skill building in shallow depths followed by three days of data collection diving from the Thermocline on a historic wreck site


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Human Factors and Non Technical Skills training

Most diver training programs focus on the "technical skills" component of diving. However, most diving accidents are more directly related to poos decision-making, a lack of situational awareness, or a breakdown in communications. I am certified to deliver "The Human Diver" training program developed by Gareth Lock. This program specifically addresses the "non- technical skills". 

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Dive from the Thermocline!

Thermocline Diving was created to provide access to on-line diving training. It was also intended to provide GUE course training on-line to supplement your upcoming GUE class.  You will also find access to our Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills training. Using a modern E-Learning platform, Thermocline Diving is intended to compliment face to face training and also provide an easy to use resource for subsequent training review. Finally, you will get to do much of this from our "floating classroom"...our 47' custom diving platform optimized for learning and diving



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Many students comment that they wish they had the opportunity to review previously presented materials at their leisure, or learn additional concepts and ideas that they did not have the time to explore fully during their class. We provide a repository of diving knowledge for divers wishing to pursue further knowledge. Now you can review your course materials at your leisure after your original class to reinforce those things you learned prior to the course and during your face-to-face time. 

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