Human Factors training focuses on the Non Technical Skills we need to be safer divers

The majority of the training we receive as divers focuses on technical skills such as buoyancy and trim, or equipment management. However, most accidents are not due to technical failures but rather a breakdown in communication, poor decision making, or a lack of situational awareness. Non Technical Skills training focuses on helping the diver to become more aware of how these human factors influence and affect our decision making process. The link below will take you to The Human Diver page with all listed course dates. Scroll down until you find the appropriate class under my name. 


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What is Human Factors training and why should I learn about it?

No single dive training agency offers Human Factors Training, yet the diver themselves is the one commonality that crosses agency and even environmental boundaries. Divers spend thousands of dollars on new equipment with the hopes of making them a better diver but, for the most part, they ignore the "human in the system" and miss the opportunity to become a higher performing dive team member or buddy.

Human factors course dates
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The Human Diver program was designed to address the impact of non technical skills on our decision making

Are you an experienced diver, a new diver, or about to start a dive training class? Have any of these questions ever crossed your mind?
  • I'm diving with a new team mate. How do I tell them I'm not comfortable with our dive plan?
  • How can I raise my issues or concerns about a dive with my team mate?
  • How can I prevent myself from making "stupid" mistakes?
  • Why didn't I catch that when it happened? It seems so easy to see now?

We are certified Human Factors instructors who can help with many of these questions.

The answers are not always obvious. But many of them in hindsight make a lot of sense. We offer The Human Diver 2 day, face to face training classes that use a unique simulator that helps you realize just how important non- technical skills are to working in a complex environment. 

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