GUE Training including eLearning of classroom materials

As a registered student, you will have access toĀ walk-throughs of the GUE class you have registered for. This is available for GUE Fundamentals, all the GUE Technical Diving classes and the Recreational Diving CurriculumĀ 

Thermocline GUE training Schedule 2024

In an effort to improve the quality of your GUE training, these classes now include on-line class modules for pre and post class study

GUE is a leader in scuba education, developing numerous industry-first training protocols with a global cast of extremely knowledgeable professional educators and producing divers of exceptional quality. 


What is GUE?
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GUE Fundamentals

GUE Fundamentals is the most popular of all the GUE course offerings. It is the gateway course to all future GUE training for divers who did not do their open water training with GUE. 

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DPV 1 is designed to introduce the recreational diver to the fun and excitement of diving with a diver propulsion vehicle. You will learn how to operate the DPV safely while having fun! 


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GUE Tech 1

Tech 1 is the entry level technical diving class for GUE divers. You will be trained to dive safely to 51m (170') using trimix gas and begin to explore the world beyond recreational diving limits.

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GUE Tech 2

Tech 2 picks up where Tech 1 left off, and adds hypoxic gas training and increases your exploration range to 75m (250'). This also and extends your exposure limits including decompression.  

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GUE's CCR 1 class is our introduction to diving the closed circuit rebreather. After you have met some post class requirements you can dive within your original Tech 1 limits 

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CCR 2 is the flagship class of GUE technical training. It is designed for future explorers and project divers and includes a rigorous understanding of diving the CCR to 75m (250')

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GUE Instructor Training

GUE instructor training is for those who wish to pursue excellence in dive education. We are heavily involved in helping make future GUE instructors.


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GUE Recreational Courses

The GUE Recreational diving program includes multiple classes from open water diving to training in rescue, navigation and trimix diving.

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