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SS Admiral Knight

It was big news when UASBC and GUE divers first found this wreck in the early fall of 2022. One of the first divers on the wreck, Ewan Anderson, wrote a terrific article about the wreck and that article may be found here:

Our first trip to the Admiral Knight left us with more questions than answers and we have a lot of work to do on this wreck. Because it is a deeper wreck, our limited time at depth means we need to allow more time overall to generate a good wreck survey. There are parts of this wreck that lend themselves well to photogrammetry and we still don't know what many of the cargo items are on the wreck site. It's an exciting wreck to dive and home to terrific examples of PNW marine life. Because it is all alone on a relatively flat sea floor, it has become an artificial reef of sorts for some truly huge fish! We plan to conduct two days of diving on this wreck. 

The Admiral Knight sits in about 190' (57 m) of water so this is a GUE Tech 2 dive or equivalent. 

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The divers who have explored this wreck number in the single digits. Our preliminary survey when we located the wreck last year with the UASBC confirmed its identity and identified areas that would be beneficial to survey to create a far better understanding of this wreck. By joining this expedition you will have the opportunity to not only visit this beautiful site but contribute to citizen science in a way that many only dream of. 

What to Expect

Dives are from the MV Thermocline over two days. The boat is fully supported, incredibly comfortable and equipped with a full galley. Let's just say we are not roughing it. Lunch is provided both days.

We will be departing from Maple Bay Marina in Duncan, BC.

Gas fills, CCR/stage cylinder rentals are available. We are fully equipped to support our expedition divers. If there is anything you might be missing - just ask.

Plan to arrive a day or two before to prepare your gear, relax, and meet the rest of your fellow divers. 

Our goal is to make exploration accessible to divers with the passion to embrace it. We're excited to have you join us.

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