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This website is designed to provide an e-learning component to your GUE Classes. This website also includes links to Underwater Archaeology and exploration diving training and is your portal for your Human Factors and Non Technical Skills training.

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If you are registered For GUE training with me you will have received an invitation and a password to the online portion of your class. Once you login you will be able to change your password and then begin the online portion of the class. This consists of walk-throughs of the classroom presentations as well as a series of quizzes to asses your progress and additional other resources. You will also find videos of the field drills etc. The goal is to help you prepare for your class as well as continue to provide you with an online resource for continuing education after your class is complete



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Underwater Archaeology: Passion with a Purpose

For us, diving has always been a means to an end and not an end unto itself. Floating weightless is an amazing feeling but what is even more amazing is finding a way to link your interests with your passion. We have teamed up with the Underwater Archaeology Society of British Columbia to offer their new "Archaeology for Divers" program as part of our course offerings. 

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