It Takes a Village...

First and foremost, Thermocline diving is a team of like minded individuals who share common passions in the underwater world. We are instructors and trainers, photographers, boat captains, marketing and communications experts and expedition leaders and organizers. We are a group of people brought together to combine our distinctive skills and experience to provide amazing experiences in the marine environment. 

Because we are a family, we would like to introduce you to the members of our family 

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Thermocline diving is much more than the sum of it's parts...

Thermocline diving is a resource centre for world class diving education and a portal for exploration projects in the Pacific North West. Here you will find your pathway to dive training and an opportunity to join exploration projects run in conjunction with the Underwater Archaeology Society of British Columbia. You will find dive charter opportunities, workshop opportunities and continuing education including Human Factors training in diving supported by Gareth Lock's "The Human Diver". 

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