Leading EDGE Performance Workshop FAQ's 

Q: What are the dates for the workshop again?      

A: The workshop dates are Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18th, 2023


Q: What time do we start?          

A: We will start at 8:30 am each morning with a general briefing followed by a morning dive briefing and our last dive of the day will be finished by 4:30 pm each day


Q: I’m a recreational diver so can I still attend?  

A: Yes! This workshop is for everyone and you will be matched up with team mates and an instructor as befitting your training level. Single tank recreational divers will work with a Fundamentals instructor and a Tech 1 team will work with a Tech 1 instructor

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Q: Can I rent cylinders somewhere?       

A: Yes, we have a limited supply of single tanks and double tanks available on a first come and first serve basis. Follow the link below for cylinder reservations.

Q: What about gas for the cylinders I am renting?

A:Your rental cylinders will be full of 32% when you pick them up and we will do fills on Friday night for Saturday's dives. Please follow the link below for cylinder rentals. Gas fills for the weekend are included in cylinder rental prices. 

I want to reserve cylinders
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Q: I just need gas because I am bringing my own cylinders. Can I get fills?

A: Yes, of course! 32% is $30 for a fill for a set of HP 100's and $35 for a fill for a set of 130's. Single Cylinders are $20 per fill. We will bill this out after the workshop so don't worry about it. We aren't charging this out in advance. We know where you live...:-)

Q: I heard we have something planned on Friday and Saturday evening?        

A: Friday night we will have a catered meal and a presentation from Gareth Lock. Saturday night, another catered meal and a presentation by Michael Menduno

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Q: A little bird told me that we are diving right next door to where the presentations and dinners will be. Is that correct?


A: Yes, your little bird is correct!  We have booked the Maple Bay Rowing Club for our after-diving events. It is a little rustic but has parking and it is on the same beach as where we will be diving. We used this location in 2022 and it was terrific!


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Q: Where should I stay that is close to where we will be diving?

 A: There are lots of great Air BnB’s close to Maple Bay. I just Google searched “Air BnB in Maple Bay BC” and found pages of them. 


There are also several hotels in the area, however I haven’t stayed in any of them! This one seems to be the most highly rated and I believe it was most recently remodeled.


 Victoria is about 1 hour drive from where we will be diving. Victoria is a world class destination and there are many accommodation options depending on what you are looking for. I would suggest you just Google search for yourself as there are far too many places and options for me to suggest.



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Q: Who will be my team-mates and who will be my instructor for the workshop?

 A: Divers will be grouped together to dive in similar levels of training. If you have a request like “I want to dive with my travel buddy” please let us know. As for instructors, we will do our best to make sure you get to work with someone you have not trained with before. This is valuable for lots of different reasons but mostly because it will give you an experience you may not have normally been able to do. Once we have the final tally of participants we will start to organize everyone and you will know your team mates and your instructor before you show up here.


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